Work-Out Wednesday

I discovered shortly after beginning my adventure as an entrepreneur in the field of Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching that my clients were not seeing the results they could potentially be seeing.  At this point, each of my clients were scheduling one hour training sessions with me once per week.  Because the majority of my clients are women, and the primary goal of the majority of these women is weight loss, training one hour a week with me, while leaving the remaining 167 hours of the week up to the client may not necessarily produce the kind of results that keeps someone motivated to achieve their weight loss goal.  With this being said, I should admit that I have been successful in helping my clients reach their goal (so far), too.  My first client EVER lost 10 pounds and 10 inches before the day of her wedding.  She looked amazing.  Despite my successes, I have learned more from my “failures”.  My inspiration for “Body by Erin” stemmed from my “failures” and the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough for my clients during their weight loss adventure, and that I could/should be doing more to educate and motivate healthy lifestyles by combining both exercise and nutritional guidance in one program.  This feeling of inspiration (as many of my other life decisions are inspired from) drove me to design the “Body by Erin” program.  I want to provide a service that ensures results, in essence, an EFFECTIVE program that can be modified to match the varying levels of fitness amongst the female population.  I want to provide a program that is AFFORDABLE; a program that is practical and fits into the busy lives of career women, wives, mothers, and students.

“Body by Erin” combines twice a week, one on one functional training (combining cardio, resistance training and body weight training) with meal planning, goal setting and motivation.  It creates a healthier, leaner, and stronger body with a motivated, rewarding lifestyle.  It is motivated by wanting you to be the best you can be, every day.

And why get involved?  Since today’s post is meant for everything to do with exercise, we’ll review the awesome benefits of exercise:

  • Exercise improves your mood
  • Exercise combats chronic disease
  • Exercise builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones, and joints
  • Exercise increases weight loss
  • Exercise increases self esteem
  • Exercise boosts energy levels
  • Exercise promotes better sleep

New program, new flyer (check it out by clicking on the link below):


Body by Erin


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