Thursday Tunage.

Picking the right music can have several benefits for your work-out.  Research conducted at Britain’s Brunel University suggests that the relationship between exercise and your tunes can positively influence areas such as motor skill acquisition, arousal regulation and synchronization.   Furthermore, it shows that music distracts you from listening to that little voice in your head that tells you to quit.

Think about your work-outs while listening to your favourite songs-do you notice a change in your pace on the treadmill or intensity in the weight you are lifting as a result of  the beat of the current track you’re rocking?  Do you need to PUMP UP, MIX UP,  or are completely bored with your current favourite gym playlist ??  I have the cure for today; this week’s playlist submission winner:  the one and only Joey Guikema, United States Army and student at Western Illinois University.

Joey’s Playlist from 1-Great (8):

So What-Pink

Paper Planes-MIA

Your Gonna Go Far Kid- Offspring

Click, Click Boom- Saliva

Always- Saliva

Warriors- Flatfoot 56

Oh No You Didn’t- mercenaries 2

Sweet Emotion- Aerosmith


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