Motivational Monday!

What’s Holding You Back?

“We must not weep for what we might have been. There is still time.” ~Edward Matchett

Too often we look at the reasons our dreams are impossible. Too often our daily activities and our thoughts are clouded with negativity, of disadvantages, and excuses. WE SEE OURSELVES AS VICTIMS OF OUR CIRCUMSTANCES, WHEN IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT WE COULD BE VICTORS, INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE MADE THE CHOICE TO SUCCEED, EVEN WHEN PRESENTED WITH CHALLENGES/BUMPS ALONG THE WAY.

Until we learn to recognize our habitual excuses, we will likely continue to avoid the challenges that might take us nearer to our goals. We must recognize our reluctance as an understandable avoidance of pain or fear. Then, decide TODAY things WILL change. Decide TODAY that we will no longer avoid the challenges.

I came across this quote last night and was so taken by it for two reasons: first, rosa parks has been my hero since I wrote an essay on her in high school because of her amazing strength, determination, and self-respect (all of which goes without saying) and second, it is just a PERFECT way to bring it all together.

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear”
~Rosa Parks

Don’t let your dreams be dreams.
Make it a very beautiful, productive, risk-taking day.


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